5 Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrency



While trading alt-coins is the most obvious way to make legit money, there are a few other clever ways to boost your investments’ overall worth—some without even investing in personal funds. Check out these tips for earning with crypto for those of all levels of proficiency and experience in this realm.

1. Buying and Holding Coins

Those seeking to make greater profits from entry-level to long-time investors and traders tend to try to buy low, HOLD coins and sell at a profit. This requires a bit of patience, especially for newer coins with prices still on the rise. This method requires a bit of analysis to form strategies to determine the potential of a coin before investing and HOLDing it.

2. Day Trading

More than simply holding an asset until the value rises through day trading, this approach takes more involvement and knowledge than many believe. Day traders need to understand how to analyze performance charts and have some tech skills for quick assessments and optimal trading times.

If you have what it takes or are willing to learn—and you can—simply sign up, buy assets, analyze markets, and get started. Otherwise, consider beginning with an automatic trading platform that assists with crypto analytics for new and smaller day trading pursuits.

3. Earn Through Mining

Want to earn coins fast? Mining as a solo operation or within a mining pool can make that happen if you have the right equipment and/or resources. Minings is the predominant method used by alt-coin networks to generate new blocks, confirm transactions and release coins.

To mine coins on your own requires a high-powered computer that can help solve each platform’s PoW (proof of work) algorithm. Novices and those not wanting to invest in pricey equipment right away can benefit by joining a mining pool. Perks to this route is that mining pool members have the proper equipment and rewards are shared between members of the platform’s pooling community.

4. Own a Business? Start Accepting Crypto Payments

Once you’ve determined to **** integrate crypto with your e-commerce or physical enterprise should integrate crypto as one of your payment options, you have more opportunities to boost profits. While most investments struggle to increase in value over many years, crypto markets can rise dramatically in just days, giving merchants greater earning potential with alt-coins versus cash or credit.

5. Work for Crypto Companies or Assist With Community Micro Tasks

From content creators, blockchain developers, digital marketers, miners, site developers, app testers it takes a tribe to make cryptocurrency communities successful. Hence, there are plenty of paid positions and volunteer positions that offer cash reward options s or coin-based incentives. Several platforms offer compensation packages as well as microtask rewards in digital assets including VersaCoin™, Bitcoins Rewards, Bituro, Coinbucks, and others.

Find your place in the cryptocurrency realm of abundance by partnering with a strong community based on integrity, partnerships, helping others, and establishing a solid, secure platform—learn more about VersaCoin and our exchange relationships today.

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