About Us

We are a Global, inclusive community effort, which welcomes and rewards those who contribute their skills and talents.

With VersaCoin™, we introduce digital tools and education to enable us all to build a better world together. We will monetarily incentivize – with our technologies – behavior that strengthens communities and small businesses. This is the thing that’s missing in the online world today: Fiscal incentive for communal behavior built into the very fabric of its operations.

We will maintain our development as an open source project and contribute back to the broader open source community, as we leverage the contributions of others that have made it possible for us to begin realizing our vision as a community. Want to contribute to Versacoin in any shape or form? We can’t wait to have you, please CONTACT US to get started, or visit TELEGRAM.

Community Contributors

Lead Project Manager


A crypto currency advocate and leader, assembled the team to develop and market the VersaCoin philosophy and brand.

Contributing Developer


Peter (Bushstar) has been a developer in the crypto currency arena for the past nine years.  He’s the founder of Feathercoin and an active contributor to projects on GitHub.

public relations


Maltiba has a BSc degree in Project Planning. As a staunch advocate of Crypto and Blockchain Protocols, he has served as a promotional ambassador to several crypto projects. He Co-Foundered DeFi Africa chapter and has contributed to the works that has projected the DeFi wave in Africa.

Technology Manager


Background in web and  IT requirements.  Managing most aspects of VersaCoin online activities

Project Coordinator

Percy Q

The visionary behind VersaCoin.  Author of the VersaCoin white paper and overall project orchestrator. See’s the importance of cryptocurrency adopted globally and free commerce.

Contributing Developer


A hands on dev, always there to make things happen, from mining to explorers and things in between.

Project Manager


Liaison between the core group and the team members and contributors. Has been involved in crypto since 2017 and assisted other projects in this role 

VersaCoin™ Whitepaper

If you are interested in learning more about the technical details of VersaCoin™, it is recommended you start by exploring the VersaCoin™ Whitepaper. Please take a moment and read our vision.”