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There is no greater investment a person can make than in one’s self.   VersaCoin™ is a global community project that leverages the skills and talents of many to deliver the best experience for all. It is also driven to be the household name crypto currency in e-commerce. The world is filled with millions of talented people looking for an outlet for their skills and a platform to showcase them.  Many may also want to secure VersaCoin™ but are unable through the likes of an exchange.

VersaCoin™ Is looking for talent

There’s no better feeling than being part of a team that appreciates your efforts and benefits others.

Here is the perfect opportunity to embrace the VersaCoin™ vision of e-commerce on a personal level.  We are looking for help and willing to compensate you in VCN for your efforts and talent. If you are skilled in any of the areas listed below (or areas we’ve overlooked) please take a moment to select your strengths (more than one is permitted) and hit the send button.  We will review it and find an area where you can become an integral part of growing the community.  YOUR community.

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