Creating a Mental Bank Account for Greater Financial Prosperity


“The ability to control my experiences and have them result in happiness, prosperity and success lies in my own mind and my use of it.” –– Ernest Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind

As the quote suggests, this means experiencing a very specific mental existence. One in which you have already attained your goal. An existence in which you are living like you already have what you desire and are drawing upon the manifestation powers of the Universe or Spirit as ‘fuel’ for thought.

  • Are you interested in making more money?
  • In obtaining a better salary?
  • Running a successful business?
  • Saving more money?
  • More importantly, are you ready to let go of traditional ways of viewing and obtaining finances in accordance with traditional banking institutions that may be holding back your prosperity or leaching off it?

Financial Prosperity

The ability to co-create greater prosperity without any ties or ideological enslavement to governmental financial systems stems from the Universal Mind. In our community, we promote the concept that you have the power to avail yourself of the Creative Action of Mind through beliefs and thoughts. Herein lies your ‘mental’ or ‘spiritual’ bank account!

Thoughts and Money: Tapping Into Your Spiritual Bank Account

Manifestation can only occur when you believe it and think it into action. Take for example, someone tells you that they are giving you a $1000 winning lottery ticket, and it’s so unbelievable to you that checking the numbers doesn’t even cross your mind. Well, a sensible person would at least put forth a tinge of conviction long enough to check the winning digits! Imagine, after the ticket expires you discover it was very real, and you missed out due to lack of faith in that prosperity and your willingness to accept it.

Anything you desire, you should be willing to accept, and this is how you begin developing your mental or spiritual bank account. One who draws upon spirit and belief would check the ticket, cash it in, and begin drawing upon the account. It is this same principle we should desire to utilize, as everything in our possession or visual experience is an expression of what we are manifesting in accordance with our mental patterns and beliefs.

If you need or desire more money, devote more time tapping into the mindset of placing an order in your mental storehouse. Act as though you already have it. Know that it’s only natural for you to have it, and it shall be accessible to you. With belief that good IS yours, the Universe according to Natural Law has no choice to respond to that field—a result that is inevitable and natural. Remember, this Storehouse is limitless!

Want To Boost Finances and Enjoy Greater Freedom?

Work with financial communities that allow you the ultimate freedom with your prosperity. As financial institutions struggle in today’s troubled times, where do your intentions guide you? The bank, or a place where you can freely trade, exchange and actually earn potential profits—without your every move being tracked by entities both known and unknown?

If financial prosperity and freedom sound appealing, consider going off grid with secure banking and exchanging using cryptocurrency or precious metals that offer more options and control over your prosperity.

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