Thank you for volunteering to assist in a great evening for a great cause.  There are NJIT alumni at the forefront of this event and you should be proud to be representing our fantastic gem of a learning institution!

Please take a moment to follow the instructions below and submit your information before the October 1st event.

Please follow these instructions and then, enter the information in the form below.

w1)  Download the VersaCoin client and install it on your desktop or laptop.  

VersaCoin Core Linux 32 bit

VersaCoin Core Linux 64 bit 

VersaCoin Core Mac OS

VersaCoin Core Windows 32 bit

VersaCoin Core Windows 64 bit

VersaCoin Core Source Code (zip)

VersaCoin CoreSource Code (tar.gz)

You may see a warning about “untrusted” software but there are no security concerns with the VersaCoin client.  (If you have a MAC you may need to  follow these instructions to install the VersaCoin client).

2)  It may take a few minutes for the blockchain to sync but when you are able, navigate to the “Receive” tab.

3) Click on the “Receive” tab, give it a label (something like “volunteer VCN” [any name will do]) and select “Request payment”.  This will generate a VersaCoin address. 

4)  Copy that address in the form selection below and be sure to include your name and email address.  This will allow us to send you VersaCoin for helping out and enter you in the VersaCoin grand prize drawing.

It will be a GREAT night to be an NJIT Highlander!  You will be mingling with some very influential people.  It’s all about networking.