Reflexions on my crypto journey


A new day in my geek life!

I started to be a crypto-fan in 2018. Back then, I was willing to update my knowledge and I happened to fell by chance on an interview on a swiss radio station about Bitcoin: « create money with Bitcoin, enough with your bank ! ». I was stuck in the traffic jam anyway, so I had not much to lose. But the whole stuff attracted my attention.I even bumped into the preceding car, from which an old, angry swiss man went out of the car.I was desperately looking for something to defend myself. To my dismay, all I had was a french baguette and a long, dried sausage…Ohlala ! he said waving his hands upwards! Be careful ! he said, entering his car back, after nodding furiously his head.This was DAY 1 of my crypto experience! Voilà! The next day, I searched about mining, installed a couple of software on my PC and started my first mining project. I dived deeper and deeper into the subject: hashes, transaction speed, nodes etc. Eventually, I signed up on a couple of exchanges and got my first cryptos.After two years of experience, I would like to think about it and try to look beyond what I lived.

My personal experience

I spend and exchange some cryptos quite often. I feel quite frustrated – to say the least- by high fees or gas costs – as you may want to name them. These are typically high, especially for BTC or ETH. I ended up discovering Versacoin and voilà! I found what I was looking for! Why? Because Versacoin is the one that allows you to get quick transactions and very low fees. So it’s ideal in daily life: shopping, buying a coffee, your newspaper, paying for the car park, etc. You want cryptocurrencies to be convenient, not only a place for speculations.As to the transaction speed, overall, it is good (at least for online transactions, of course).Again, looking back, I just laugh at the low incomes I had through mining. But, I was not aiming at becoming rich. It was just a technological venture, and as just quite fascinating.Since then, I learned a lot and I also realized that cryptos were not just about currency, as one tends to think. How about smart contracts? How about censorship-free transactions? And how about the amazing applications that the blockchain enables in everyday life?
  • have your diplomas and work certificates certified
  • transparent voting, fraud-free solutions
  • get your car insurance as you drive only.
  • Market your art & music skills (thank you, NFTs!!)
  • choose the best savings account

Who people felt about cryptocurrencies

Just as I thought, 90% of people just regard cryptos as currencies and do not feel confident that the solutions for everyday use are mature.Paying by crypto? While it is fine to send money on a non-instantaneous basis, it is harder to adopt in commerce. Just imagine that you are checking out at the shop, at the supermarket or queuing at the reception desk of a hotel. And just ask them to pay by crypto! You must be joking! Get a grip!I also felt that a lot of people were backwards-looking indeed. « Yeah, ok, banks may the naughty boys, but how can you avoid them? »« Oh, you know, my bank finances my home, gives me a credit card, and even a good one » (Visa Infinite). A good bank account is often associated with higher social status. Now, « what about your crypto », they say, « do I have comparable advantages ? ».A lot of people are also concerned about safety: losing their funds through hacking or just forgetting their keys.I hope that you found the article interesting. In the next one, I will focus on subjects such as scalability, fungibility, privacy and ease of use.

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