The Role of Online Communities in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The concept of community has been around since the dawn of time. The earliest inhabitants quickly learned that like-minded people with common attitudes and interests working together produced better results for those involved in the group. Over time, this realization resulted in the formation of collectives or tribes of people collaborating, sharing ideas, and aligning themselves.

Throughout the following centuries the idea of forming villages, townships, and eventually cities of people working and living in communities prospered. Let’s move into today in 2021, a time when staying in touch and connecting with others around the world is possible 24/7. Thanks to the widespread availability of the internet and connection-ready devices, the majority of our social groups are now digitized with a predominance of our ‘communities’ being online.

In most parts of the world, we as humans spend more time working and socializing online than we do in person, which signifies a major paradigm shift in communications amid group culture. But where do blockchain and cryptocurrency fit into this shift? As one of the most innovative technologies since the World Wide Web, the availability of online community support is boosting the financial health and morale of many investors, traders, and miners amid the alt-coin realm.

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The Benefits of a Strong, Dedicated Crypto Community

As with any other community, cryptocurrency ‘families’ are a collection of various sub-communities and private groups that are present across a wide platform of social networks. Each community may promote one or more types of crypto, focus on blockchains, and they all will have a different vibe depending on their overall goals as a grouping.

So who are these people joining and leading cryptocurrency communities? Well, anyone with an interest in alt-coins who truly believes in and supports their coin typically has some type of talent to share! While many participate in various roles on a volunteer basis, some cryptocurrency platforms like VersaCoin™ reward contributors with additional coins in their alt-coin wallets. Just some of the common types of community members in crypto include:

  • Community Managers
  • Platform Administrators
  • Site Developers & Designers
  • Marketing Promoters
  • Technical Creators
  • Social Media Moderators
  • Blockchain Experts
  • Miners & Poolers
  • Writers

Essentially, these individuals create, innovate and communicate with other core members of their team and certain roles are focused on assisting users with questions about common topics. Setting up wallets, mining pools, staking, trading, and other issues can be addressed with ease with a strong community willing to contribute.

If you are willing to share your knowledge and talents with an up-and-coming cryptocurrency community, reach out to us at VersaCoin™ to learn about our opportunities that can help you level up and diversify and grow your alt-coin wallet based on your dedication and energy.

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