VersaCoin Community Passport

The VersaCoin project is like no other in the cryptocurrency space. Its primary goal is to create a global community, self governed, with integrity and purpose. E-commerce, small businesses and individuals alike need a payment system and medium for transactions; both public and private. 

The VersaCoin community is based on inclusion and offering benefits to its members. We are  living in an era dominated by handheld devices and for that reason, it’s time to announce our most ambitious undertaking to date. 

The VersaCoin team of contributors is developing the VersaCoin Community Passport, which will allow users to hold, receive and disburse their VCN as well as navigate around the growing VersaCoin community. Additionally, it will have features which will allow the user to stay informed on the latest project news and earn rewards for contributing to the project.

The target date for release is set for July 1, 2021 and available for iOS and Android devices. 

A project of this scale requires a team of skilled developers  and if you have experience with iOS and/or Android app development or a graphic artists and would like to be a part of this revolutionary task, click here and tell us about your talents.