VersaCoin™ Partners with VinDAX To Expand Cryptocurrency Trading


Versacoin™ is excited to Expand its trading platform on a Global Scale under the symbol VCN

GUYANA AFRICA, March 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — VersaCoin has recently entered into a new partnership with the cryptocurrency platform VinDAX Exchange, making buying, selling, and trading faster and easier for traders who deal with multiple types of altcoins.

Established in 2019, VinDAX is a centralized crypto platform that allows users to work with an array of digital assets via one streamlined platform. Not only does the interface boast intuitive trading technology, but VinDAX has proven itself as a reliable exchange that smoothly handles both small and large trading volumes.

VersaCoin™ traders can access the VinDAX exchange for more than trading. The platform makes it possible to view overall performance analytics, utilize big data and to launch automated trading bots anytime.

The partnership between VinDAX Exchange and VersaCoin promises to be a strong and successful one for traders seeking greater asset security and multiple dashboard options when trading altcoins.

“VersaCoin™ already appeals to traders who prefer solid asset security,” said noted community member and Public Relations Director Maltiba Ibn. “Partnering with VinDAX offers even greater control over digital assets that will ultimately boost the coin’s adoption price and rate.”

VersaCoin™ is a fast and secure Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrency that incorporates unique features to ensure blockchain integrity and the ability to handle large-capacity transactions. Its 32MB blocks confirm every two minutes, offering one of the best transaction throughputs in the cryptocurrency realm. VersaCoin promotes community building and helps those who are ready to embrace change enjoy greater prosperity.

VersaCoin™ develops digital tools and methods to enable users to build a better world. We will monetarily incentivize – with our technologies – behavior that strengthens communities and small businesses. This is the thing that’s missing in the online world today: Fiscal incentive for communal behavior built into the very fabric of its operations.

We will maintain our development as an open-source project and contribute back to the broader open source community, as we leverage the contributions of others that have made it possible for us to begin realizing our vision as a community.

Contact Information:

Maltiba Ibn
Versacoin™ Community
Voice: +44-20-80895300
E-Mail: [email protected]

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