Want to Manifest Prosperity? Have a Purpose for Your Money


One of the most essential of the Universal Laws falls under the Laws of Attraction, specifically that of Conscientious Action.

Essentially, knowing what you consciously want out of life and what your financial goals are is an excellent start to the process of manifestation. However, while money can make life more comfortable in a number of ways, it can’t necessarily buy happiness and pleasure.

Where these two benefits culminate is in having a plan for the money…knowing what it’s for before you actually have it. Ultimately, unless your efforts are solely approached with the goal of greed, it’s likely that you have a greater purpose in mind financial prosperity beyond merely attaining money itself.

Money need not be approached as a life goal at all. When greed (which isn’t good!) is the primary goal, your vibrational energy will match that essence. Greed as your vibration is likely to lead to money that is ultimately misused rather than serving the higher good of the collective or yourself.

Transitioning the Mindset: Money is Merely a Tool

When approaching the idea of manifesting greater prosperity whether it’s financial, emotional, or spiritually, money is best viewed as a tool to help you achieve your higher goals and higher self. This greater sense of awareness is what is possible to separate what is a common illusion of money.

Rather than being Ego-centric, acknowledging the interconnectedness of the world’s metaphysically and in the material aspects creates a positive and more effective shift in our financial behavior as a whole. Empowerment in the realm comes along with considering more in-depth what your intentions are for any prosperity manifested.

It’s vital to recognize that your true power lies in the idea of autonomy in which you are not only free but morally responsible for your actions in all things and your choices to the best of your capacity. Whether you choose to act morally, immorally, or act heteronomously in which you feel compelled to be subject to foreign laws and external domination, any financial choices make without purpose are ultimately wasteful.

Tips for Determining Purpose and Manifesting Wealth

Beyond embracing your autonomy and freeing yourself from governmental enslavement and obligations and restriction of traditionally financing wealth-seeking efforts, there are other ways to boost the chances of financial success by pursuing more than just money. These five approaches can make a major difference in the trajectory of your overall wealth and abundance.

  • Meditate on the goal. Envision greater abundance and actually doing the things you want with it to improve your wellbeing and others.
  • Know that wealth and prosperity are already yours! Live as though it is already available to you.
  • Focus your vision on meeting goals step by step.
  • Focus on taking actions that are realistically going to help you get where you want. Is it through investing in cryptocurrency, real estate or slowly with a traditional interest-bearing bank account?
  • Be grateful for such said abundance. Nothing is received well or maintained very long without gratitude!
  • Find your path and enjoy greater freedom over your financial health by considering getting around traditional financial institutions. Give strong thought to embracing the autonomy and privacy—and tax-free funds—that can be secured through a stable alt-coin such as VersaCoin.

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