Why You Should Be Concerned About the Fiat Money System


Fiat Money System

There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” – John Maynard Keynes in The Economic Consequences of the Peace

Money…it comes in many forms, but predominantly is recognized around the world in major countries as a form of currency such as paper and coins. But what is the true value of such money? One could argue there are two differing concepts of ‘value’ with one rooted in objectivism and one-seeded in subjectivism in an economic context.

Money: Objective Value Versus Subjective Value

Value objectivism is the force behind the idea that money has value because of the fact that it requires labor and resources to provide it in the same fashion that shelter and clothing hold value as requirements for survival. However, fiat money systems replace the ‘natural and necessary’ value of commodity money with a more subjective value.

Value subjectivism exists when people truly believe that money does have value and that it can be utilized as a form of persuasion or even coercion to obtain what one wants or needs. In today’s fiat system, one is practically forced to use these pieces of government stamp-bearing papers and coinage that are assigned a value that has been determined by a central bank or government.

Hence, this is where control and coercion are employed as a means of fear and influence of autonomous entities. In ‘reality,’ money’s value cannot truly be measured due to its instability concerning purchasing power. This is just one fundamental issue we face with fiat currency schemes.

Fiat Money System

 Concerning Issues Facing Those Heavily Invested in Fiat Systems

 Let’s spend some time talking about just a few of the major issues that fiat systems create not only for individuals but for the financial system on a national and global level.

Coercion and Fiat Currencies

The truth is that most people would likely reject the current fiat system unless they hadn’t been forced to via coercion. Its predecessors—gold and silver—were knocked out of play through force. Citizens in the US were ordered under the threat of fines and incarceration to trade in their gold certificates for Federal Reserve Notes, which is artificial money that has no truly objective value.

Immorality & Governmental Theft

It’s immoral to force people to do something they don’t want to, especially with the money they have earned. Forcing the fiat system on individuals is the very method used by the wealthy to take what little bit the less fortunate acquire. Fiat schemes allow those in power—the elites—to redistribute wealth with ease, altering the distribution and the number of monies available. As a result, average people must work harder to get by as their labor is ‘stolen’ via legalized theft.

Fiat Monetary Schemes Ultimately Fail

 When the government is allowed to run open-ended deficient and has complete control over the amount of printed money, a collapse is imminent. Historically debt-based monetary systems fail to sustain more than a century or so because it establishes a sense of false wealth. That deposit to the bank is essentially YOU loaning money to them! That FDIC protection is merely worded because if the government doesn’t have the money to repay these ‘loans’ after an economic crash (and it’s already broke!), you have no recourse.

Currency Debasement

Should the government run out of money or the economy tanks and leaves investors ‘broke,’ they simply tend to print more money, which debases the value of paper money. Eventually, that value will equate to zero with a debt-based fiat currency system. This printing practice requires constant inflation to prevent financial collapse, resulting in hyperinflation that can only work ‘on paper’ for so long.

Fiat Money System

Want to Prosper While Maintaining Privacy and Financial Freedom?

Start making changes now to the way you view money, how you make it, and in what form you hold your prosperity. Consider bypassing traditional financial paths and institutions and give precious metals and modern methods like cryptocurrency investing or mining a go. These allow for cashless, privacy-protected, tax-free ways to control your money and your free will. This return to the principles of Natural Law that govern money takes you away from the false illusions of Wall Street and the fiat financial scheme.

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